• How To Find Us

    You are out on a walk! It's just after breakfast and you are looking for the right place to continue your journey through the beautiful warm summer day. The sun is shining bright upon you with bursting flames of heat. You walk direction north onto the coastal street, the promenade of Sunny Beach. You feel the thirst for something special, for something you were meant to find. And that is how you feel attracted by force unknown. A force that pulls you forward and stops exactly as it started. You hear nothing, but girl's voice. It's here – she whispers gently in your ear. Now turn around! You found it! Your back is pointing to Victoria hotel. You see attractive girls and exotic bar!

    What happens next is your imagination we've never underestimated that.

    We call ourselves Guaba and offer you exciting place with shiny people that amaze!

    Guava Beach Club!


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